Terms & Conditions


To use these services you must:
  • be over 18 years of age OR be 14 – 17 years of age and have permission from a legal guardian
  • declare any previous therapy or psychiatric care
  • declare any medications and any drug or alcohol dependency or abuse, any other addictions 


Session times are made in advance of the session and will be 60 minutes starting at the agreed time, unless otherwise arranged. If you cannot make the agreed appointment and give at least 24 hours notice, you will not be charged for sessions. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before appointments may be charged at the standard rate. Payments for sessions must be received in cash during the session or paid at least 24 hours in advance by BACs transfer or PayPal

Additional Support

If you require support between sessions, this can, by agreement, be supplied in either telephone or email format. This is chargeable. Please view the main website or ask for current rates.


Counsellors keep brief notes to help them remember the important facts about your situation. Notes are kept on a secure, password protected laptop, accessible only by the counsellor. 

Any information about you will not be passed to anyone outside the service (such as parents, or other professionals) without permission. You have the right to request personal data about you at any time.

There are three possible exceptions to this rule:
  1. Where you give us expressed consent to disclose information (such as for a GP).
  2. Where the law requires us to break confidentiality (we are talking about serious crime such as terrorism and drug-trafficking and child abuse rather than misdemeanours).
  3. If you give us information that leads us to believe that you or someone else is at serious and imminent risk of harm then we may take steps to minimise this danger. Any action would usually be discussed with you first. It is important to emphasise that no one will be told who does not need to know. 

Data Protection

Any data relating to you will be kept for the length of sessions and destroyed 6 months after sessions end unless you specifically request data be kept for longer. Your phone number, identifiable only by your first name, will be stored on the counsellor’s mobile phone in case of cancellations. Invoices will be kept for 7 years for tax purposes.


All counsellors are required to receive professional clinical supervision for their work to ensure quality of practice. Your sessions (but not your identify) will be discussed in supervision, which is confidential and undertaken with an experienced practitioner.

Privacy Policy

For more information on confidentiality and data protection, please view the privacy policy available on the website.